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CEO's Message

As CEO and founder of 'ASAS Management Consultancy' I would like to welcome you to ASAS's website and take the opportunity to share few thoughts.
Purpose and success is attached in our identity. The international economy is rapidlybecoming more dynamic and competitive, so is ASAS. We share our knowledge and skills at implementing strategies.  Our key principle is to deliver results to our clients.
Demand for our advice is largely dependent on our investment of expertise and quality services that we provide to our customers. Our team is our true point of difference at striving for excellence in customer services and growth; therefor it is our true point of difference.
ASAS is proud to be one of the few firms that can operate at the intersection s of business and technology, strategy and execution.  Transparency, responsibility and accountability are so important to our culture, and differentiation will remain a cornerstone of our firm.
I encourage you to contact us directly with any queries about ASAS Management Consulting and the service we provide.
Be successful with us.

Ahmed Abdulla Al Saigal



Translation and Printing Services

Our team provides reliable professional language translation services of legal and other documents, both in English and Arabic. As well as printing of various documents for promotional purposes and others, all at competitive prices, assuring client satisfaction.