Financing Services

Our professionals work closely with financial institutions and other corporate clients to help our clients receive suitable financing deals from financial institutions, which is essential for smooth business operations. This includes:

• Rescheduling loans with banks, taking into account business requirements
• Arranging new loans for both expansion and Greenfield ventures
• Negotiating favorable financing terms and rates
• Arranging non-funded financings
• Consultation on Islamic Finance



Risk Management for Business Continuity

Living in turbulent times within a volatile region, several countries in the Middle East, including the Kingdom of Bahrain, are undergoing significant political and economic changes. With ever-increasing uncertainty, enterprises of different sizes within different industries seek robust financial risk management frameworks to enable better decision making and enhanced business performance. Accordingly, we specialize in assisting businesses undergo such turbulences with a clear-eyed long-term view, helping them manage costly exposure to risks, adapt to the changing business environment, and ensure continuity of their businesses. This includes:

• Risk measurement and management, including:
- Credit Risk
- Market risk
- Operational Risk
- Liquidity Risk
- Reputational Risk
- Strategic Risk
- Integrated Risk Management
• Quantitative evaluation and management of risks
• Asset management advisory
• Conducting feasibility studies to determine viability of new and existing projects
• Business Modeling and Planning
• Evaluation of investment opportunities
• Real-Estate consulting



Business Advisory

We provide a wide range of services to clients ensuring they establish business in conformity with local laws in each jurisdiction, viz. for Bahrain- Bahrain Commercial Companies law, and other applicable regulations. This includes:

•    Providing advice on the organization form best to be adopted, and handle all registration and filing procedures for change of legal status
•    Drafting of Memorandum and Articles of Association
•    Consultation on Mergers and acquisitions including strategy, valuation, regulation, and financial due diligence
•    Handling completion of liquidation proceedings
•    Certified Commercial Arbitration
•    Consultation in Judicial matters
•    Consultation services in the tourism and hotel industry
•    Consultancy in development of Administrative Systems



Accounting Services

To provide high quality Accounting Services, we work in close co-ordination with our client. We allow entrepreneurs and owners to concentrate on running their core business activities, uninterrupted, while we handle all their Accounting needs.

These include:
• General Ledger Management
• Pay roll, Fixed Assets, Corporate cost reallocation
• Conducting independent accounting reviews & finalization of the accounting period end
• Assisting in complete book keeping activities
• Designing and implementing Accounting Systems
• Special services such as Forensic Accounting



Senior Management

  • Ahmed Al Saigal (CEO) +


    Mr. Al Saigal; the CEO, holds an MBA Degree in Business Administration from the United Kingdom and has over 27 years of banking and management experience, spread in areas such as Credit Administration, Risk Management, Corporate Finance, Commercial and Corporate Banking, Islamic Banking, and Investment in Real Estate, Investment Portfolio, and Finance of International Trade.

  • Mohamed Alekri (Senior Consultant) +

    Mr. Mohamed is a Senior Consultant. He is a Qualified Accountant and holding a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Finance from the University of Newcastle in Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom, with Upper First Class Honors. Prior joining ASAS, Mohamed worked for BDO Bahrain and Arabian Trading Company in Saudi Arabia. On aggregate he has over five years ofInternal Auditing, External Auditing, Accounting, and Business Advisory.
  • Sayed Ahmed Al-Alawi (Senior Consultant) +

    Mr. Ahmed is a Senior Consultant. He is a Qualified Accountant who holds a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from the University of Bahrain with First Honors. He has wide experience in Audit. He worked for PWC Bahrain in the External Audit Department for over 5 years, and has extensive experience in Business Advisory.
  • Zahra Ahmed Al Saigal (Manager) +

    Miss Zahra is a Project Manager holding a Bachelor’s degree in Economic and Social Studies specializing in Business Studies from the University of Manchester in Manchester, United Kingdom, with first Class Honors. Also holds a Masters Degree in Banking & Finance from the University of Leeds in Leeds, United Kingdom, with Merit. Zahra has a wide-ranging experience in financial analysis, business analysis and business advisory. She has carried out a diverse range of clients including, construction, manufacturing, and services industries.
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