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About AS’AS
Established in 2011, AS’AS Management Consultants grew to become among the Middle East’s most comprehensive professional business service providers. Our team is made up of highly focused professionals empowered with hands-on experience with firms of different industries, and strong technical experience needed to deliver outstanding services.
Making our clients the heart of our organization, we provide a wide range of professional business services and solutions under one roof to cater their varying, unique needs and requirements, while always guaranteeing reliability and cost effectiveness of smart business services. We are specialized at Accounting, Business Advisory, Business Continuity, Financing services, Remedial Management, Human Resource Management, Corporate Finance, Advisory, and IT Consultancy services for Large, Medium, and family managed businesses. Ultimately, we are focused towards engineering individually crafted paths to success for different organizations of different industries, aiding them in overcoming challenges and improving efficiency, to ensure business operations run smoothly and profitably.

Our vision is not to become the biggest, but the most respected consultancy firm in the Middle East; based on our core value system of honesty, integrity, trustworthiness, commitment, and timely delivery. Accordingly, we operate in a very straightforward and honest manner with all our dealings with clients.

We are committed to growing our business through developing strong partnerships, and providing high levels of customer satisfaction by offering resources tailored especially to client needs, delivered at the right time to maximize clients’ business potential. In delivering our services we always strive for excellence, staying in close contact with our clients, assisting them in realizing their full potential, and exceeding their expectations. We are continuously determined to retain our competitive edge through improving business processes and services, focusing on clients as core of our operations.

World Of Brands

Competitors are similar and substitutes. By contrast, achieved with advertisement, the choice between different products becomes quite difficult.

Spider Media

Provided Services for Spider Media:

  • Market research (data collection and thorough analysis of the results)
  • Analytics reports (vulnerabilities and opportunities for development)
  • Proposal for future development (plans, charts and scenarios)



We create ideas and exploring new horizons.

60% from the kids with glasses are object of harrassement at school, so we advise our client from Comic-landia to create a superhero with glasses.

Comic-landia is one of the largest comics publishing companies world-wide. But any other big company out there Comic-landia needed a push, something fresh, something that stands out from everything else.

The company has shared their idea of creating a very young superhero, for their youngest customers, but they wanted an idea. So idea is what we gave them!

Charts & Graphs

arrowUse all Google Charts & Graphs to display your marketing researches, marketing tools, case studies, interviews, analytics, tests & more.

You can use both SP Google Charts Module with easy setup (not responsive), or the preset Google code (responsive) from the demo site, also included in the documentation.

Here's an example of a column chart: