Media Services

Given the highly competitive environment businesses today operate in, media has become a main tool to attract, retain customers, and preserve market position. At ASAS, we guide our clients in selecting the media platform most cost effective in achieving required coverage, while reaching target audience. Our creative team coupled with the most advanced computer systems and software gives us the edge in creating designs that differentiate our clients, keeping them abreast of competition and changing trends. Our services include:

• Consultation in Media, Advertising, and Marketing
• Consultation
• Above and below the line advertising
• Website development
• Creation of brochures, billboards, and Promotional giveaways



IT Consultancy Services

At AS’AS we offer our clients highly professional and reliable IT solutions to help protect and better manage their valuable assets. We also advise on how best businesses can employ information technology to manage risk, increase revenues, control cost, while meeting business objectives. These include:

• Information security
• Business continuity planning
• IT project management
• Redesigning business systems including assisting selection and implementation of accounting software



Human Resource Advisory

Our Human Resource advisory service is focused towards creating HR strategies in line with business needs. We specialize in facilitating the process of building and managing a work environment that ensures disciplined performance and sustainable growth. Using the market as benchmark we examine firm structure, recruiting methods, performance management, training, compensation and benefits, employee relations, HR policies & procedures, and communication processes. In view of that, we assist in developing best-fit solutions suitable with manpower. This includes:

•    Employee satisfaction surveys
•    Pre-employment background checks
•    Maintaining personal records and documents
•    Developing employment contracts
•    Consultancy in Recruitment, and development of Recruitment and Selection handbooks
•    Developing Human Resource Management manuals
•    Guidance on good practice Employee Relations
•    Talent Management
•    Job analysis and performance evaluation



Corporate Finance Advisory

With our industry focused team, sound technical skills, and resources we possess, we guarantee clients timely execution of a broad spectrum of transactions, transforming their deals into business success. This includes:

•    Board Advisory services
•    Developing Business plans
•    Synergy analysis
•    Capital Restructuring and Enhancement
•    Financial Modeling and Mapping Projections
•    Debt capacity evaluation
•    Strategic Commercial Intelligence



Corporate Restructuring Services

Our experience proves that even businesses with high potential often struggle to succeed, due to lack of good corporate governance and professional practices. We thereby provide an opportunity for stressed and distressed businesses to stabilize and implement a process of strategic, operational, and financial change, to improve business performance and generate outstanding and lasting value for stakeholders. As such, we focus on analyzing and identifying business shortcomings to reach the root cause of a problem. The problem is dissected and advice is provided on necessary changes to be made to improve business operations, enabling businesses to achieve full potential and revive to profitability. This could involve business synergy with some of our other clients, leading to improved potential for success and further development of our other clients’ businesses. Our services include:

• Planning and advising on cost reduction processes
• Cash Management
• Re-engineering of business processes
• Financial Restructuring
• Exit planning and implementation
• Debtor, creditor or court driven formal restructurings through amicable solutions
• Consultation and assistance in Quality management & attainment of quality assurance accreditations including ISO